JiangXi 体彩足球注册 Medicinal Products Group (体彩足球注册 ) combines the scientific research, production and marketing of single use medicinal macromolecular products and equipment, medical purification equipment sales, and maintenance and installation works into one. We were founded in 1990, and are identified as a high-tech enterprise and an advanced technology enterprise. 体彩足球注册 is a comprehensive management company with total assets of approximately £¤320 million and another £¤280 million in production value. We employ a total of 1100 staff, including 150 engineers and technicians.

    体彩足球注册 has 33 Holding, Shares and affiliates in the country. To develop our import and export capabilities, we have also established trade abroad with more than 20 countries and regions. 体彩足球注册 also have branch offices in Hong Kong, South Africa , Russia , etc. to facilitate our international trade.

    Company founder and chairman LiQing, has the quality of a modern entrepreneurs, with a strong believe in innovation and strategic planning, plus his strict management and keen insight into the market potential which helped the company maximize the consumption of initiatives, greatly improving the product quality, technology content and capital efficiency. All this formed a self-accumulation and non stop rolling development characteristics of the enterprises.

    The company sees the quality of its product as the top priority, take prior inspection on every production section with its implementation of total quality management. Specialized laboratory and quality of the Testing Centre, the full-time technical staff engaged in quality control and after-sale tracking service. Product quality to meet international standards, and adopted the ISO 9001 certification and CE certification.

    Companies always put the development of science and technology innovation as its purpose of existence. A strong research team aiming at producing what they called ¡°Top, Sharp and Refined ¡°Products. Not afraid of tackling problems, the end result if a flow of new products has been developed. Currently there is 18-series, nearly 300 new high-tech products has been developed and produced. Main products which dominated the market including single use adhesive-surgery towels, Surgical dressing , adhesive tape making kits and medical adhesive band Were identified as high-tech products by JiangXi Science association. The surgical towel has been recognised by the National Health Industry associations as winning enterprise management products. The 体彩足球注册 trademarks also has awarded several times as ¡°Famous trademarks¡±. In 2002, Nanchang Labour Union was given the title of ¡°51 labour ¡°Certificates of advanced company. In many provinces and cities the company have been granted ¡°Taxations roll model of foreign-invested enterprises ¡°and ¡°Premium tax credit enterprises ".by local tax department. In 2003, acknowledged as ¡°level of integrity enterprises," by the Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of small medium company units to SME. At the same time won the 2003 national award of the National General Administration of Industry and Commerce¡±

    In the past few years, 体彩足球注册 Companie's technological innovation, excellence in quality, and product performance, have been far ahead of any other counterparts or similar companies in the nation. Our net sales income has grown 45% for the past five consecutive years. Our surgical towels comprice more than 90% of the domestic market share. Lastly, our combined sales have taken over half of the nationwide total product needs in the domestic market.