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Safer Healthcare will be working with the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong and Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital to create a culture of patient safety by implementing a Crew Resource Management (CRM) training program at PYNEH. The program will begin in October, 2009 and conclude in 2011. For additional information, contact a representative from Safer Healthcare or PYNEH.


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CRM, adopted from the commercial aviation industry, encompasses a wide range of knowledge, skills and behavioral attitudes including communications, situational awareness, problem solving, decision making, and teamwork. CRM can be defined as a management system which makes optimum use of all available resources: people, process and technology. The blending of three areas within one standardized system promotes safety and enhances the efficiency of operations.

CRM is concerned not so much with the technical knowledge and skills required to operate equipment but rather with the cognitive and interpersonal skills needed to effective manage a team-based, high-risk activity. In this context, cognitive skills are defined as the mental processes used for gaining and maintaining situational awareness, for solving problems and making decisions. Interpersonal skills are regarded as communications and a range of behavioral activities associated with teamwork.

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The following fundamental skills have been deployed in hospitals and care facilities throughout the world and will be the fundamental elements taught to staff of PYNEH:

        Standardized Communication

        Effective Teamwork

        Team Briefings

        Team Debriefings

        Situational Awareness

        Identifying Red Flags

        Decision Making

        Leadership Strategies

        Critical Language



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